Monday, July 5, 2010

whatever k

 in the mood to blog!

stopped by cosfest today.
hahha stopped by only, so didnt take much pictures.
but it was really good, i feel like cosplaying for next year's festival HAHAHA.
then was baking at CY's. Finally out of tekong(?)~
but the cookies look like cookie is one giant pancake hahah fail ttm.


whoever these people are. LOL.

stupid phone camera ): the moment i find a spot that i can actually see the stage, it fails on me.

He looks like Jinwoon! okay sorry. if i ever see this guy again i swear i'll die of embarrassment.
still. omg. -screams- omg hahah i am so shameless. anyway thanks Candy for dragging me across the tent one big round following him and then asking for a picture. ><

the best ever baked~ but we didnt get to bring it home ): awww hahaha
trust me, the batter looks way better than when it was done >.>

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