Friday, October 1, 2010

-blows-wow this place is dusty.

but I've already wrote my last tweet so i shouldn't tweet so i'm here._____.

anyway. here's a video of Jung Sungha! whoo he's grown so much^^ and he's hot now lol.

forever loving his fingerstyle.

okay... Im supposed to be studying now. 24 more days :|
and i hope i can go to the MNET concert after O's whooooo finally ONE EVENT after Os.

kinda regretted not going for G.Na cause i heard she was rly rly nice but yea.

okay this post is going nowhere.


what's with your temperament. what if it's really not with me? what if you left it somewhere else? I also have not seen it for weeks and you can go and listen, my guitar is way off tune.
If it's with me and i couldn't find it in time, then sorry. But it's not.

okay i regret my words but at least you didn't have to hear them. and i hope never to say them again, especially to you.

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